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An orthopaedic mattress - or orthopedic mattress for our American friends - is a mattress designed to offer a firmer sleep surface, providing targeted support for your back and joints.

Differences in Providing Body Support

An  orthopaedic bed mattress  provides body support. But, the normal memory foam mattresses adjust or conform to your body's shape. Due to the firmer surface, an ortho mattress pushes against your body. But, it does not happen with some normal memory foam mattresses. Even if some memory foam mattresses appear to be firm in the initial days, the firmness of these mattresses shrinks with time due to the retention of heat. But, the orthopaedic mattress remains firm for a longer period which helps to provide proper support to your body.

Pain Relief Option

An  orthopaedic bed mattress  is specially designed to relieve pain. Therefore, physicians recommend these mattresses to those with body pain. Although some memory foam mattresses can help ease the pain, they do not guarantee to relieve the pain completely. Therefore, physicians can not recommend memory foam mattresses to patients.

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